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Renee Smith

Renee has over twenty years of experience as a hospitality professional working from 5 star restaurants to theme parks and hotels in every position imaginable. Renee was kind of born into the industry, being an entertainers daughter and being in the public since birth. She started into experimental marketing as a way to supplement her income when the banquet industry was slow over 16 years ago, when she lived and worked in Orlando FL. She fell in love with the industry and the diversity that it had to offer. More than just an experiential marketing visionary, Renee is a professional problem solver who is always exploring ways to adapt campaigns to maximize their impact. She is a true leader and has held many leadership roles from high school into her adult career. Renee is also the founder of Coast 2 Coast Printing & Marketing LLC and has partnered with Griffin Black to bring high quality affordable marketing products to the community always keeping superior Customer Service in the forefront of everything that the company does. Renee believes that passion, creativity, efficiency and a network of top promotional talent are key to creating successful events and client relationships. She is an expert at reading people and situations